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By: BrightVolcano / February 27, 2023

10 Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins in 2023

WordPress is great for sharing content and files with your audience. The content management system has a default tool to upload downloadable files and make them available to web viewers.

However, that feature offers limited ways of embedding the downloads to a website and lacks file management functionality.

WordPress download manager plugins are a great alternative as they offer more advanced features like a download counter, access restrictions, and file management. This article will list the 10 best WordPress download manager plugins and share some useful tips for picking one for your site.

How to Pick a WordPress Download Manager Plugin

It can be difficult to determine the best WordPress download manager plugins with plenty of options available. However, the following criteria should help you narrow down the download manager plugins in this list:

  • Download lock – whether it’s membership, form subscription, or social sharing, having an option to control and limit file downloads is important.
  • File organization – a good WordPress download manager plugin should have an intuitive interface for creating and organizing files, including the option to use tags and categories.
  • Download history – a download counter for each file helps site owners see how many downloads a specific file has, while logs and stats show how many file downloads occur over time.
  • Easy embedding – the plugin should have a shortcode or Gutenberg block that makes it easier to insert downloadable files into a post or page.

After gathering the potential WordPress plugins, we tested them by installing them on a WordPress test site. We used the plugins to upload downloadable files and embedded them in a post to check their performance and usability.

You can conduct similar testing to choose the right download manager plugin from this list. Most of the plugins here are free or freemium, meaning that you can install them on a WordPress site at no cost.

Top 10 WordPress Download Manager Plugin

We’ve picked the 10 best WordPress plugins that offer the core functionality of a download manager but vary in other features, making them suitable for different kinds of websites. We also include premium and eCommerce plugins that have a download management functionality.

1.Download Monitor

2.WordPress Download Manager

3.Easy Digital Downloads

4.WP File Download

5.File Manager


7.Lana Downloads Manager

8.Simple Download Monitor

9.Shared Files


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