4 TikTok Life Hacks to Try Today

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By: BrightVolcano / January 24, 2023

TikTok life hacks are part of what keeps people coming back to the app. They can be insightful, helpful or just downright silly, but users search for them for a reason. If you’re a creator, check out these 4 TikTok life hacks for a little inspiration for your own content.

TikTok life hacks for tidying

We’re all busy – sometimes, you just need a video that helps you live your best life. TheFoldingLady does just that, and the below might be one of the most satisfying TikTok life hacks we’ve ever seen.

Do you have a weird way of stacking the dishwasher that makes everything squeaky clean? Have you cracked the code for ultra-efficient supermarket shopping? These kinds of life hacks will always pop off on TikTok, because people love content that makes their lives easier. If you can take an unconventional method that saves people hassle and gets stuff done, you’re onto a winner.

TikTok cleaning hacks

You probably hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s dirty and weird. It sucks. Home Reimagined’s TikTok cleaning hacks help make the experience tolerable – you might not have seen a Swiffer before, but you’ll sure want one after watching this.

When you’re thinking of TikTok cleaning hacks to try, the trick is to find something small. Your followers probably won’t be interested in a hack that’s only achievable with a $3,000 vacuum cleaner. Whatever TikTok cleaning hack you come up with, it should be affordable, accessible and achievable for pretty much everyone.

Tiktok life hacks for us lazy geniuses

Some of the most obvious TikTok life hacks have been staring us in the face the whole time. Take Captainmorganx, who single-handedly blasted plates and bowls into the past – why not just eat directly from the pan? It’s fast, saves you doing the dishes and keeps the food warm.

OK, this TikTok life hack is a bit of a joke, but it’s grounded in something useful: why make more work for yourself? Think of where ideas for life hacks could come from. Dreams, off-the-cuff remarks, or even brainstorming stupid solutions to problems that don’t really matter. Make people laugh and your TikTok life hack is halfway there, no matter how practical it actually is.

TikTok life hacks for fashion

If you learn something new every day, every day’s worth waking up for. TikTok life hacks don’t have to be life-saving, but they can be life-changing – no matter how small. Gisela M. D. scooped up millions of views with something as simple as turning a regular shirt into a tie knot shirt. We’ll never go out looking like we’re wearing dog poop bags again.

These sorts of TikTok life hacks are super popular. They’re like a lightbulb going off in people’s heads, making them replayable and shareable. Whether you’re cleaning the house or wearing clothes in a new way, the best TikTok life hacks open people’s eyes to things they could have missed: things that save them time, money or effort.

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