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Paytm Deployed 1 Million Payment-Based Devices in July-September Quarter

Paytm's devices such as payment-based devices such as QR, All-in-one POS and Soundbox are growing in popularity among merchants, and the payments company is now witnessing 10 lakh deployments per quarter, helping it further strengthen its offline payments vertical, it revealed in a regulatory filing to stock exchanges on October 10. The firm said its total device deployment base has exceeded 48 lakh as of Q2 FY23, compared to 38 lakh at the end of Q1FY23. It effectively added 1 million new deployments during the second quarter. Paytm said that with its subscription-as-a-service model and the strong adoption of devices have been driving higher payment volumes and subscription revenues while increasing the funnel for their merchant loan distribution. The rapid growth in the devices business has not only helped the company remain ahead of its competitors but also paved the way for higher merchant engagement and monetization. Additionally, the strong adoption of devices is also helping the company's high-margin loan distribution business, as it is paving the way for more small business owners to become eligible for merchant loans, offered on its platform in partnership with marquee lenders. In its Q1 FY23 financial results, the company said merchants with devices accounted for over 75 percent of merchant loan disbursals and it expects the percentage is likely to rise further in the second quarter given the higher device penetration. The Paytm Super App continues to drive higher consumer engagement for the company's comprehensive payment services. With this, the company's average monthly transacting users (MTU) for the quarter stood at a record 79.7 million, marking a growth of 39 percent year-on-year, it said recently. For more insights, check this link below:

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals new Quest Pro VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a new VR headset, the Quest Pro, at an online event held for developers. With a price tag of $1,499 (£1,499), Quest Pro is almost four times the price of Meta's current headset, the Quest 2, which starts at $399. It boasts thinner lenses, a curved battery around the head strap at the back, and controllers which self-track. The headset also allows users to see their real environment around the periphery of the screen. Quest Pro has mixed reality capabilities, unlike its predecessor - meaning digital content can be viewed overlaid on the real world. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg said mixed reality was "the next major step for VR". Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen said the high launch price made it a device more suited to "high-end, enthusiast and potentially enterprise users" than mass-market. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also announced that the office platform Windows 365 will be available on it, as Meta seeks to position mixed and virtual reality as a work tool as well as a form of entertainment. The firm Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is betting its future on the creation of a metaverse - a virtual world in which people can both conduct their everyday lives, in the form of avatars, and explore fantasy virtual spaces. Many tech firms are building their own metaverses but it is likely to be several years before any exist. Meta's existing virtual reality world, Horizons, has received mixed reviews so far, and there have been reports of avatars carrying out violence and sexual assault within it. Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth has also admitted that "it will be a while before there are enough headsets out there". Paolo Pescatore from PP Foresight said it felt like the tech was being "fast tracked" into people's hands. "There's no demand, why rush," he said. VR apps There was much talk about virtual reality apps during the event, some of which have proved very lucrative for their developers, like the VR version of the video game Resident Evil 4, which made $2m in revenue in its first 24 hours. New VR gaming titles announced included Iron Man and Among Us, as well as an upcoming partnership with Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming. However there was no update on the long-awaited VR Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which some gamers had anticipated. Andrew Bosworth said that one of the most popular apps on the Quest store was YouTube VR. "The ultimate goal for the metaverse is to feel like any other social experience, great and small," said Vishal Shah, Meta's vice president of the metaverse. For more information, check this link below:     

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TikTok-addicted students delete app during exams

Some students decided to delete TikTok during their exam period after becoming addicted and spending too much time on the popular social video app. A psychologist said the personalised algorithm on TikTok may be leading young people to get addicted.Dr Nia Williams, of Bangor University, said TikTok becomes addictive because it releases dopamine into the brain, making you feel good. TikTok has been asked to comment. Check this link below:

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How to back up your Google account

There are other good reasons to have a local backup of your Google info. You may be switching jobs, or maybe you’ve decided to stop using a specific email account, or you just want a copy of all your emails just in case. Whatever your reasons, it’s not a bad idea to back up and export your Gmail and other Google accounts using Google’s Takeout feature. In fact, you can set your accounts to back up regularly, which is a good practice — especially if you’ve got several years of important stuff packed into them.   HOW TO BACK UP YOUR GMAIL: Go to Under Privacy & personalization, click on Manage your data & privacy. Scroll down to Download or delete your data. Click on Download your data. Check this link below:

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Instagram U-turns on TikTok-style revamp

Instagram says it is pausing a rollout of new features on its app following backlash online from users, influencers and celebrities. Among the new features was an increase in recommended video content, in a similar style to rival app TikTok. The display and feeds were criticised as people felt they were not seeing photos from friends and family as much. Meta, Instagram's parent company, said it wanted to "take the time" to get the changes right. Check this link below:  

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Twitter spent $33m in three months on Elon Musk deal

Twitter spent $33m (£27m) on Elon Musk's proposed deal to buy the firm between April and June 2022. It also said its number of monthly daily users had risen to 237m - but it reported a net loss of $270m, which was worse than expected. Mr Musk has since changed his mind about the purchase, and a court date is now set for October because Twitter wants to force through the sale. There is a $1bn termination fee potentially at stake. Twitter declined to discuss its latest financial results, citing the "pending acquisition" as the reason. The report covers the period from April to June 2022. check this link below:

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How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers in 2022

To get the most out of your Google Business Profile (f.k.a. Google My Business), you have to optimize it. Here are a few quick and easy ways to do that. Google is the world’s most-visited website. The site currently holds more than 92% of search engine market share. Creating a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an important way to attract new customers to your business through Google search and Maps. Table of Contents What is Google Business Profile (f.k.a. Google My Business)? Why you need a Google My Business account How to set up a Google Business Profile How to optimize your Google My Business profile How to manage your Google My Business profile with Hootsuite Check this link below:

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How to Get Site and Secret Key for Google reCAPTCHA.

Using Google reCAPTCHA on your website requires you to get a site key and secret key. In this guide, we explain how to get the site key and secret key for your site.   Follow the steps below in order to get the keys: Go to the Google reCAPTCHA admin link from your browser: Log in to your Google account. This will redirect you to the dashboard. If you have previously generated keys for a site, then here you can view stats for that site. To add a new site, click on the “+” button on the top right side. Here, you need to provide “Label”, select “reCAPTCHA type” and add “Domains”. After, you need to accept the “Terms of Service” and then click on the “Submit” button to register for a new site. Now, you can copy the “Site Key” and “Secret Key” for this new site. Note: If you use Google reCAPTCHA v3 for a period of time and in the future, it keeps on returning missing-input-response or 0.1 scores. Then, you will probably need to re-create v3 keys. check this link below:      

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This Genius Device Let’s You Communicate in More Than 40 Languages!

MUAMA Enence Translator is a brilliant new invention that is taking the world by storm. It lets you communicate in more than 40 languages, so you can communicate with almost anyone on this planet! You can take it with you anywhere thanks to its compact size and its so easy to use that you can have it ready to go in under 30 seconds. Read more, check this link below: