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By: BrightVolcano / October 16, 2023

Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of skipping Figma, and diving straight into Elementor like a bull in a design shop.


In the digital realm, time is of the essence, and the patience for pixel perfection is a scarce commodity, especially when budgets are tight and the clock is ticking.

Figma, the darling of the design realm, is where ideas get a face, a personality, and developed into fully fleshed out ideas. But then there’s Elementor, the pragmatic cousin who’s all about getting the job done, sans the frills.

Here we delve into the tug of war between conceptualizing in Figma and executing in Elementor.

But what about Webflow?

The main reason I’m not touching Webflow is because typically speaking most companies already have their sites on WordPress.

This makes Elementor a way easier sell, and allows them to keep the same infrastructure they’re used to, instead of having to migrate to Webflow’s hosting (or exporting as a site, but that also has its problems).

So for now, we’ll leave that and Framer off the table for this discussion.

The Problem with Designing in Figma

Figma is like that elegant soirée where ideas are dressed in the finest pixels, colors are paired with a sommelier’s precision, and the layout is a reflection of a meticulous mind.

t’s a place where the design cognoscenti sketch the future, one vector at a time. But alas, the journey from this oasis to the real world is fraught with code.

No matter how divine the design, it must descend into the realm of code to come alive. This translation often feels like fitting a square peg in a round hole, where the subtleties can get lost, and the code becomes a cage rather than a canvas.

Yes, there are tools that can ease this transition, but the actual quality and fidelity of the output varies considerably, and typically doesn’t cut it in an actual…

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