Paytm Deployed 1 Million Payment-Based Devices in July-September Quarter

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By: BrightVolcano / October 26, 2022

Paytm’s devices such as payment-based devices such as QR, All-in-one POS and Soundbox are growing in popularity among merchants, and the payments company is now witnessing 10 lakh deployments per quarter, helping it further strengthen its offline payments vertical, it revealed in a regulatory filing to stock exchanges on October 10. The firm said its total device deployment base has exceeded 48 lakh as of Q2 FY23, compared to 38 lakh at the end of Q1FY23. It effectively added 1 million new deployments during the second quarter. Paytm said that with its subscription-as-a-service model and the strong adoption of devices have been driving higher payment volumes and subscription revenues while increasing the funnel for their merchant loan distribution.

The rapid growth in the devices business has not only helped the company remain ahead of its competitors but also paved the way for higher merchant engagement and monetization.

Additionally, the strong adoption of devices is also helping the company’s high-margin loan distribution business, as it is paving the way for more small business owners to become eligible for merchant loans, offered on its platform in partnership with marquee lenders.

In its Q1 FY23 financial results, the company said merchants with devices accounted for over 75 percent of merchant loan disbursals and it expects the percentage is likely to rise further in the second quarter given the higher device penetration.

The┬áPaytm┬áSuper App continues to drive higher consumer engagement for the company’s comprehensive payment services. With this, the company’s average monthly transacting users (MTU) for the quarter stood at a record 79.7 million, marking a growth of 39 percent year-on-year, it said recently.

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